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Fifty Shades of Grey But Only One Works for Fall 2013

The Jill Kirsh “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue’s” Cheat Sheet On Your Best Picks!

Hollywood, CA—September 6, 2013—Pantone recently came out with their hot colors for Fall 2013, including a shade of grey they call “Turbulence,” but which of these colors can you wear? Hollywood color guru Jill Kirsh of JillKirshColor.com advises celebs, musicians, news anchors and Fortune 500 C-suite executives on the colors that make them look their absolute best. Now she is sharing how these new Pantone colors will work best with specific hair colors.
The Jill Kirsh Color Cheat Sheet for Your Best Pantone Fall Fashion Color Picks:

Deep Brunettes (Salma Hayek, Lucy Liu, Selena Gomez) – Pantone colors Vivacious, Turbulence, Acai, Samba
Golden Browns and Redheads (Debra Messing, Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon) – Pantone colors Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Carafe, Mykonos Blue
Warm Blondes (Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Elisabeth Moss) – Pantone colors Linden Green, Mykonos Blue
Ash Blonde, Platinum and Grey (Cristina Aguilera, Helen Mirren, Kelly Osbourne) – Pantone colors Emerald, Turbulence

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Here’s a link to the radio interview I did with Sheena Metal on latalkradio.com. What a blast!! Enjoy!


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Enter to WIN Makeup!!

Hey Gals!

We’re sponsoring a contest with Woman’s World Magazine to WIN my Ultimate Makeup Kit and Swatch Book!!

The contest ends June 17, 2010.

Here’s the link to enter:


Good luck!!

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JKC on TV!

I was just at the bank and saw a bank officer  with red hair  wearing a gray suit.  Gray (most notably heather gray) on a redhead is one of their worst color choices. This was a beautiful gal, but the gray next to her hair just totally washed her out, made her look older and made her fabulous warm locks look like a bad dye job! That’s one of the reasons I developed my system and launched it on the web to make it available  to all of you redheads with a penchant for gray! I’ve put together so many other neutrals that will make you shine!

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