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Just wanted to share some colorful thoughts actors with my actor peeps! I am an actor. I am also a color coach. Because of my background as an actor, I have taken what I know as a color coach heavily into the industry and have worked with hundreds of performers over the years–from the celebs that walk the red carpet to the guy and the gal who just arrived in LA to start on their adventure!

The truth is every actor needs to know the shades of color that will pull the focus to their eyes in a headshot and will make them pop on camera. Knowing “your colors” should be part of Acting 101 (or at least Marketing Yourself 101). The thing that’s so cool about working with actors (in contrast to working with my clients who just want to know how to look great all the time) is that actors can use color as a tool to extend a character–to look older, ditsy, nerdy, dying and down on their luck. It’s a way to causatively look bad versus spending hundreds of dollars on new headshots and not being happy with the results–thinking that you look washed out and dull and that your background pulls the focus away from your face and you just don’t know why it all isn’t working. Everything in a color headshot grabs attention and the attention should be on your face and in your eyes. You get the idea.

I’ve worked with many photographers here in LA and one for one they’ve said that when an actor brings wardrobe to the shoot in shades of color that work for them, their job as a photographer is so much easier. They don’t need to spend extra time trying to compensate with lighting and more makeup to fix something that just isn’t working. Without getting into a dissertation on headshots, I’ve found that so many actors truly minimize themselves in their shots by not using colors that work for them in wardrobe, makeup, and for their background. Knowing your colors gives you the edge to maximizing the potential of being a really happy camper when you see your proofs (and we all so love that feeling)!

Okay, I want to give you some tips. First off, everyone can wear most every color–it just depends on finding the right shade of the color that works for you. If you’re a redhead or have golden browns tresses (think Julia Roberts, Amy Adams) pale grey is just about one of your worst colors and teal blue, brick red, and forest green are some of your best. However, if your hair is ash blonde or grey (Helen Mirren) pale grey can be a great neutral to incorporate into your wardrobe along with dusty rose, lavender, and taupe. If you have dark brown or black hair (Courteney Cox) cobalt blue and fuchsia are fantastic but camel and olive green, not so much. If you’re a warm blonde (Kate Hudson), turquoise and peachy tones are fabulous, but leave the mint green and burgundy for someone else.

It’s not about the shade that is “in” this month or the color that your first date in junior high said you should wear because it was their favorite color! It’s all about discovering what works with your individual coloring.

The color of one’s hair plays a huge part in all of this. Your hair (be it natural or “enhanced”) is what frames your face, frames the picture, and you need to know how to work it. I have clients that spend lots of money on highlights, lowlights, etc., but if the colors they’re wearing and the makeup shades they’ve chosen are wrong for them, their hair can look brassy and everything looks fragmented. It’s like their hair doesn’t work with their shirt that doesn’t work with the eye shadow and the lipstick walked into the room before they arrived! There are just too many distractions.

When an actor (or anyone for that matter) walks into a room, they want to be present. The ideal scene is what one is wearing brings out their makeup, brings out their hair (or for the guys, the shirt and tie they’ve chosen to wear to read for that legal drama pulls the focus up into their eyes). If you can see it in terms of arrows pointing in a direction, all the arrows should be pointing up.

When you’ve got it all “in sync” the message you’re communicating just rides on that wave. The viewer doesn’t have to get thru something to get you. The cool thing here is that if you’re making a character choice to causatively create a distraction, you’ll know exactly how to do it. If you’re working on your reel and are doing low-budget or no-budget projects (no money for wardrobe, hair, makeup) knowing your colors is a huge asset. You’re your own stylist and knowing how to pull it altogether is invaluable.

There’s just so much to share with actors about what I do and how incorporating this concept into your life can have a major impact on creating your personal brand – from your headshots to every aspect of your website. That’s one of the reasons I just launched the www.jillkirshcolor.com, to be able to reach actors from all over the world. Having your colors and makeup done in a one-on-one session or discovering your best shades of color online is fun, empowering, and provides actors with a go-to technique that enables them to present the exact image they want to communicate all the time.

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It’s official!! Pantone has announced their picks for Spring 2015! Which ones will you be rocking? Here’s my color coordinated cheat sheet – just for you!! Xo

Warm Blondes (Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Sharon Stone): Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Toasted Almond, Radiant Orchid
Golden Browns & Redheads (Jessica Alba, Sophia Vergara, Julianne Moore): Toasted Almond, Misted Yellow, Custard, Cypress, Aurora Red, Cognac
Deep Brunettes (Courteney Cox, Lucy Liu, Catherine Zeta Jones): Bright Cobalt, Royal Blue
Ash Blonde, Platinum & Gray (Jamie Lee Curtis, Cristina Aguilera, Helen Mirren): Aluminum, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Strawberry Ice, Marsala, Glacier Gray, Sangria, Mauve Mist

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Red Carpet Red, White and Blue!



Don’t look GREEN when wearing GREEN

So ♥ @Shopafrolic! Scroll all the way down to find your best hues!

Liz Lange: Everyone needs a little green in their life, even if it’s not St. Patty’s day That said, green can be tricky especially if worn close to your face and we certainly do not recommend wearing it head to toe. But the right tone of green can actually be extremely flattering.   Jane and I had a consultation with color expert Jill Kirsh and it was pretty eye-opening.  I was under the common misconception that makeup/clothing color directly relates to your skin tone. While I would not completely discount that (I mean how many of us can look as magical as Lupita in her flowing blue Oscar dress) I have come to believe (with Jill’s help) that hair color is a HUGE part of the equation. After all your hair does frame your face.

Jane Wagman: Jill changed my life. There I said it. That said, if a color is not close to my face I do stray from my “approved” colors. Jill has a pretty easy system.


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Pantone’s Color Picks for Fall 2014

What’s your hair color and given that, which of these #Pantone choices would look best on you?


Okay, here’s your cheat sheet:
Warm Blondes: Radiant Orchid, Bright Cobalt, Cognac
Deep Brunettes: Royal Blue, Sangria
Golden Browns & Redheads: Misted Yellow, Aurora Red, Cognac, Cypress
Ash Blonde & Gray: Mauve Mist, Aluminum

Happy Shopping;))

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Enter to WIN Makeup!!

Hey Gals!

We’re sponsoring a contest with Woman’s World Magazine to WIN my Ultimate Makeup Kit and Swatch Book!!

The contest ends June 17, 2010.

Here’s the link to enter:


Good luck!!

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JKC on TV!



Purple Haze

Purple is THE color of the moment in fashion but can everyone wear it?
Absolutely! It’s all about knowing the right hue for you!

Redheads & Golden Brown tressed gals should go for Eggplant & Magenta.
Warm Blondes look super-chic in Orchid & Lilac.
Deep Brunettes rock in Royal Purple & Deep Violet.
Ash Blondes & Platinum Blondes are beautiful in Dusty Grape & Lavender.

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I was just at the bank and saw a bank officer  with red hair  wearing a gray suit.  Gray (most notably heather gray) on a redhead is one of their worst color choices. This was a beautiful gal, but the gray next to her hair just totally washed her out, made her look older and made her fabulous warm locks look like a bad dye job! That’s one of the reasons I developed my system and launched it on the web to make it available  to all of you redheads with a penchant for gray! I’ve put together so many other neutrals that will make you shine!

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