The Girl In The Yellow Dress

I saw a gal wearing a yellow dress the other day and she looked so fabulous in that yellow dress that I had to write about it. It was the perfect shade of yellow that brought out her  auburn streaked hair and made her whole face glow. It  truly created such a great effect that here I am telling you all about it!  So many of my clients are absolutely sure that  they could NEVER wear yellow. But when they discover their right shade of yellow, they just  immediately flip that viewpoint! I’ve attached the link to an article I did with the LA Times re: what yellow works for you. Enjoy and have a bright, bright sunshiney day!!,0,4680811.story

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  1. jill says:

    Cool! What color is your hair? Let me know and I’ll give you some color ideas for the next time you go shopping!

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